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References: Med School, Tuba, BE


Subreachers came to life in 2008 when two Belgian friends started producing and DJing the 140 sound after falling in love with Dubstep. The two of them released tunes on Compound One, Kraken, Redshift One & Live Beyond but, after a huge release on Hospital Records' sister label Med School in 2011, decided to push boundaries and explore different tempos individually.

Today, one of the founding members continues to produce under the Subreachers moniker, with releases on Deep Heads, Deep Tuna, Aquatic Lab, Tuba and many more in the pipeline.

With support from both national and international producers/DJ's and appearances at events  like Tomorrowland, Daily Dubstep, Dub&Bass Germany, Surfase Denmark and more, Subreachers is slowly building a name for himself, along with his own personal sound, in the ever evolving world of Dubstep.