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Daily Dubstep presents Get Darker

Daily Dubstep presents Get Darker - Sat 30-03-13, Kunstencentrum Vooruit

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Mr M & One87 launched Daily Dubstep in 2009. It was an instant success and after several sold-out editions, they were invited to host a stage at the Tomorrowland festival in 2011. Since they showed the crowd how to rock a Dubstep party big time, they were invited back last summer. Daily Dubstep also joined forces with Star Warz on several occasions. This New Year’s Eve for the second time and again, it turned into one of the biggest and baddest bass music nights ever witnessed in Belgium.

This time Daily Dubstep teams up with GetDarker. GetDarker is respected as one of the most popular yet credible brands throughout Dubstep. GetDarker is an endorsed independent online magazine devoted to dubstep music and UK underground culture. It evolved from an original site launched in 2003 and has since expanded beyond its London and UK roots with now strong support from a global audience.

GetDarker has bolstered its brand as an award-winning leader in Dubstep via the TV-advertised compilation series “This Is Dubstep”, weekly GetDarker TV webcasts, a Top 15 podcast, merchandise and exposure at UK festivals and international tours. Showcasing the full spectrum of the genre, these multi-media platforms have provided exposure to up and coming artists as well as bringing the audience closer to the scenes biggest stars.

If you search their web-site, you’re sure to find interesting bits and pieces on the artists who will be joining us on this new edition of Daily Dubstep.

Top of the bill is Coki, better known as half of the Digital Mystikz and the legendary DMZ nights and label that spearheaded the so-called London sound. He just launched his own imprint, Don’t get it Twisted and is sure to impress the scene all over again.

Next is Pinch who is solely handed responsible for the Bristol sound. Proof of this can be found in his Subloaded events and Tectonic label as well as his recent Fabric Live Mix.

Productions on labels as Tempa, Black Box, Dub Police, Argon Records and his own Artikal Music UK imprint have all plotted the musical progression of the next important producer on the line-up, J:Kenzo who released his first album on Tempa in 2012.

One of the big names on Pinch’ Tectonic label is Jack Sparrow who’s album “Circadian” was charted highly in the best albums of 2010. Soime may also know him as half of Author, another high profile name on Tectonic.

Tunnidge got picked up by Mala early in his career and was later quickly adopted to Distances Chestplate as the first artist that was not Distance to release on the label.

And whether he’s holding down the mic, or controlling the decks, also LX ONE is here to stay and a big crowd puller. As a producer he made some killer tunes with SP:MC on Tempa while his solo productions made it to Wheel & Deal Records.

As usual the international guests will be joined by Daily Dubstep resident Allspark and leading MC Nice who are currently rocking the scene in a major way with their other project called ‘NGA Sound’! 

And Mad Ice from Hechtel won the Daily Dubstep Warm Up DJ contest and will be putting you in the right mood from the start.

Add to that MC LX ONE who is the favourite MC of Youngsta, N-Type and Distance and we hope yours too.

Hold on tight because Daily Dubstep is ready to get darker and bolder in 2013!


Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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