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Daily Dubstep - Wheel & Deal label night

Daily Dubstep - Wheel & Deal label night - Sat 29-10-11, Kunstencentrum Vooruit

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Mr M & One87 launched a brand new Dubstep concept called “Daily Dubstep” in 2009.

It was an instant success and an amazing experience. After several sold-out editions, they were invited to the Tomorrowland festival for the first time this summer …and they certainly showed the crowd how to rock a Dubstep party !

Now Daily Dubstep is back at their home-base Vooruit in Ghent with their first label night and its N-Types' " Wheel & Deal Records", founded in 2009, the label that has an un-deniable sound and vision focusing on energetic dubstep music.

This summer they unleashed their first label compilation onto the crowds with one CD of 15 unreleased A side tracks which have been a massive feature in N-type's dub-plate arsenal, both on the dance-floors and on radio. Artists including N-Type & The Others, Coki, DJG & Kutz, Benton, Seven, LX One, Ben Verse, DJ Madd, Matt U, Phaelah, Kaze aka Lemon D, Slaughter mob, and many more showcase the true sound of Wheel & Deal dubstep.

CD 2 features the latest N-Type Dj mix, celebrating the last 2 years of Wheel & Deal. He seamlessly mixes through 22 deep, dark, hard, heavy and soulful beats from an explosive collection of hard hitters. "Wheel & Deal Dubstep Vol 1" is a definitive guide through Wheel & Deal Records sound, and a defiate for any dub head.

Or in the words of Youngsta & Toast: “For such a new label Wheel & Deal are delivering the most formidable sounds in the underground scene! From the deeper minimal to the more jump up sound, they tick all the boxes. W&D are certainly ones to watch out for!”

Showcasing Wheel & Deal will be obviously the head honcho himself, Mr. N-Type, proclaimed best dubstep dj for seven years in a row,  and he’s bringing the cream of his stable with him: all dj’s who have been forming and shaping dubstep as we know it.

Starting with Hatcha, resident at dubstep n° one club Forward>> and radio-host on Kiss FM, he’s also responsible for some of the biggest dubstep compilations around as Dubstep Allstars and Ten Ton Heavy.

Next up is Distance who’s produced classics as ‘V’ and ‘Feel me’ as well as a pivotal album on Planet Mu, next to running his own Chestplate label.

And another big gun is served with Youngsta from the mighty Tempa label, he’s also bringing his favorite MC, SP:MC who will spice up the night with his lyrics.

They will be joined by Kutz who’s a rising talent with a debut album out on Soul Jazz and several collaborations with Benga in the pipeline as well as Walsh from Biscuit Factory Records, a label that was nominated as ‘best new label’ last year.

Add to those also Seven who has an impressive discography featured on Tempa, Blackbox records, One Gun Salute, Wheel and Deal and Subway Recordings and who’s anticipated debut album is due for release this winter.

The international guests will be joined by the brand new dubstep Soundsystem, NGA, consisting of Daily Dubstep resident Allspark, Rotation resident Gaz and leading MC Nice who are about to rock the scene in a major way! 

And last but not least there’s Illament from Radio Scorpio who’s also a resident of the Rotation parties at Decadance.  And also MC LX One, SP:MC’s production partner on Tempa and radio host with Youngsta on Rinse FM.

Hold tight because there are some serious Dubstep sounds coming your way!


Kunstencentrum Vooruit

Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 23
9000 Ghent

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